Does This House Fit?

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The housing market it moving so quickly these days and you may be tempted to snatch up the first one that catches your eye.  Investing in a house is a huge commitment and you want to make sure you ask yourself, “Does this house fit?” You want a house that fits your lifestyle because once you make your first payment, it is hard to make too many changes.

1. Square Footage

You want to find a house that is “just right”.  But what does that even mean?  Well, if it’s too small, you will quickly feel that you’ve outgrown your home and get frustrated.  When looking at homes, consider where things will go.  Is there enough storage?  Is the kitchen big enough for our needs? Are there enough bedrooms? Then there is the problem if your house is too big.  Energy costs might get too high or you might feel the need to buy more furniture that will go unused.  You really want something that you feel comfortable in long term.

2. Daily Commute

There are few things more frustrating to me than being stuck in traffic.  We have all been there! The house you fell in love with may seem like a great location, but is it congested during rush hour?  Is there a lot of construction going on?  How far is it from work or school for everyone in your house hold?  Consider taking a test drive to or from your office during rush hour to your home so you can get an idea of what it will be like.  Being stuck on the freeway may not be the way you want to spend your morning.

3. Neighborhood and Community

Hopefully you did research before you even looked at the house, but if not, take the time to do so.  You want to live somewhere you feel comfortable.  What is important to your lifestyle?  Are there parks nearby or a community pool?  Do you want to be near restaurants or take out places?  Is it safe to run outdoors?  Check and double check your school zoning so you know what schools are close.  School zones can affect the price of your home, who your neighbors are because of the people the schools are attracting, and of course, where your children are educated.

4. Noise

Sometime people forget how the neighborhood may be different at different parts of the day.  You might not notice that it is close to the airport and planes are constantly flying overhead.  There might be a barking dog that is left outside all day.  Try visiting the home at different times to see what the noise level is.  Everyone is different and you might feel there are things you can live with or things you can’t.

Before purchasing, make sure the house fits your lifestyle.  Having an experienced agent on your side can make the process so much easier.  Give America’s Choice Realty a call when you are ready to find your dream home! (702) 685-6531


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